Chicago Blackhawks: Eric Daze Days Until Banner Raising

By Keith Schultz

We had so much fun doing our Countdown to Faceoff series last season that we decided to do it again.  In case you’re new to the series, we’ll do a roster preview as we count down the days until the Chicago Blackhawks raise their 6th Stanley Cup Banner on October 7th season opener against the New York Rangers.

We have reached the number 55 which was worn for quite some time by Eric Daze, but it was worn for the first Stanley Cup champion in 49 years when Ben Eager was a role player for the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks wearing #55.

The first player to wear #55 was Sergei Krivokrasov in 2003 before he changed his number.  The first player to own the #55 was of course Eric Daze. Daze could score with the best of them even though he was stuck mostly in the middle of the Chicago Blackhawks dark ages. The biggest issue for Daze wasn’t that he was stuck playing with a bunch of duds, but it was his health that never could hold up for any extended period of time.

Daze scored 226 career goals all in a Chicago Blackhawks uniform and collected 5 Hat tricks during his 11 seasons wearing #55. Daze in another era with some better healthy could have ended way higher in the All-time Blackhawks records. Here is Daze’s career numbers.

Eric Daze-90th selection overall 4th round 1993





Penalty Minutes-176

Game Winning Goals-34

Hat Tricks-6





Game Winning Goals-1

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We have already mentioned

Ben Eager

earlier and his 2010 heroics.  He scored 2 pretty big goals during his time with the Hawks. He scored a goal at Wrigley Field during the Winter Classic.  The other goal was in Game #2 just seconds after

Marian Hossa

had scored beating

Michael Leighton

and the Hawks were on their way to a Game #1 victory which as we all know would end in the 2010 Stanley Cup.

Ben Eager was of course more of a physical presence than goal scorer which makes his goals stick out more than most.  Here is Eager’s career number while wearing #55 with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Ben Eager-2008-2011




Penalty Minutes-308





Stanley Cup-1

The last player to have worn #55 was Ryan Stanton who like some other Rockford Ice Hogs in the Chicago Blackhawks organization looked to be headed to a long run with the Chicago Blackhawks but were traded or like Stanton just left unprotected and all the development went down the tubes.  Stanton only played once wearing #55 in the final game of the 2013 season in St. Louis.  He was just let go by the Canucks so his future isn’t quite clear right now.

55 days left until opening night! Can’t wait!

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