Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- It’s Been A Week Already

By Keith Schultz

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! As you can see by the title it’s already been a week since the news broke about Patrick Kane.  I was spending the day with my kids on the last few days before school started here, and almost luckily I was out of cell phone range last Thursday for most of the day, and I almost wish I was out range for the past week.

We were all enjoying a nice summer of everyone having pictures with the Stanley Cup, looking forward to all the new additions to the lineup, and well of course making fun of St. Louis Blues fans, but this was all taken away with the allegations against Patrick Kane that came to light last Thursday. It’s been a week already and we still really don’t know that much and probably will never know what happened 100%, but someday soon we may find out if these allegations become charges or will these get swept under the rug.

The Chicago Blackhawks summer is about a month away from being over, and now as I felt a week ago when the news broke it just doesn’t feel the same as it did on June 15th when the Hawks won the Stanley Cup at the United Center all because of one allegation.  Here is some morning links to kick off your Thursday morning.

A new dining experience will be entering the United Center this upcoming season in a partnership for tasted (Blackhawks)

One of the most hated Chicago Blackhawks opponents over the years has been Derien Hatcher (The Committed Indian)

Patrick Kane was removed from the EA Sports cover yesterday leaving Jonathan Toews all by himself (CSN)

It all comes down to the fact that EA wasn’t willing to take the risk with Kane on the cover (ESPN Chicag0)

Patrick Kane and the blind loyalty of sports fans no matter what city you live in (Shadow League)

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