Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Ice Cream Pie Day

By Keith Schultz

Good Morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! Well, it’s the middle of August and nothing says summer like an ice cream pie! Well, ice cream pie or anything like ice cream sounds great in the the heat of the summer so Happy Ice Cream Pie Day.

The summer is winding down but there is still a lot of August left, but right around the corner is a whole lot of questions and hockey to be played for the current Chicago Blackhawks and all of the new additions.  I can’t wait to see Marko Dano and Artemi Panarin on the ice at training camp and preseason with big hopes for the upcoming season.

The problem with all the hopes is the black cloud of the Patrick Kane allegations and investigation and how it’s really taken a damper out of the summer celebration of the Stanley Cup. There’s no telling if when and where we will find out if this becomes a charge or just an allegation and the wait has killed the celebration.  Either way we still have some morning links to kick off your Tuesday morning.

Patrick Kane’s lawyer took an unusual strategy turn when he took to Facebook to argue with fans about his clients (Deadspin)

The NHL has a lot of talent and contracts but this is a list of the best contracts in the NHL and best value (Bleacher Report)

The Chicago Blackhawks have reportedly signed Bowling Green Defenseman Nolan Valleau (Second City)

The Patrick Kane reports from Buffalo seem to be summed up in two categories What Matters and What doesn’t Matter (The Committed Indian)

It was a real homecoming for  Brent Seabrook when he had his day with the Stanley Cup back home in British Columbia (NHL)

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Hard to believe this is a dilemma, so here it is who will replace Ryan Garbutt on the penalty kill (Defending Big D)

Which defenseman will make the cut in the new look Detroit Red Wings roster (Octopus Thrower)

Danny Briere was a total class act and a totally clutch playoff performer and today he called it a career. (Puck Daddy)

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