Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Two Weeks Going

By Keith Schultz

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! It’s already been over two weeks since our summer came crashing in on us when we found out the news that Patrick Kane was in the middle of an investigation into a sex crime.  It’s been two weeks already and we still don’t know much more than we did when the allegations were first reported.

Even though we are still in the dog days of August, training camp is right around the corner and the question facing Patrick Kane and the Chicago Blackhawks is whether or not charges will be brought and if they are how will the Chicago Blackhawks franchise and the NHL deal with those charges.

These investigations and court cases seem to drag on forever, so it would not be shocking if Kane is not in attendence when the Blackhawks hit the ice at Notre Dame in the middle of September.  It’s a far way off yet so close! Here are some morning links to kick off your Friday morning.

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Marian Hossa on his day with the Stanley Cup ate some pierogies from the most coveted trophy in all of sports (Second City)

The Chicago Blackhawks hired Peter Aubry as their developmental goalie coach (CSN)

This maybe getting way ahead of ourselves, but if the Chicago Cubs play in the Wild-Card Play-in Game it would conflict with the Chicago Blackhawks opening night and banner raising celebration (Madhouse Enforcer)

ESPN ranked some Chicago Blackhawks in their Top 100 NHL Prospect report (Committed Indians)

Check out Brent Seabrook‘s day with the Stanley Cup that had some great views from British Columbia (Blackhawks)

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