Chicago Blackhawks: Kane Meets With Investigators

By Colin Likas

We’ve reached the next step in the ongoing rape investigation surrounding Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane, according to an article from The Buffalo News earlier today.

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The outlet cites two law enforcement sources who said Kane has met with an investigator from the Erie County District Attorney’s Office and a detective from the Hamburg Police Department. The sources are not named in the story, as has been the case throughout this investigation.

One of the sources added that the meeting took place at Paul Cambria’s office. Cambria is the lawyer for Kane, and he declined to comment on this latest update.

Reportedly, members of the Hamburg Police Department requested the assistance of the Erie County District Attorney’s Office after searching Kane’s Hamburg home on the day the rape accusation was made against Kane.

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It’s unlikely we’ll know for some time what came from this meeting, assuming the law enforcement sources have their information correct. It’s just another step in a muddy investigation that began Sunday, Aug. 2, when a woman accused Kane of raping her in his home after the two met at a bar in downtown Buffalo.

It has since been reported that the woman who accuses Kane of raping her was accompanying a friend who wanted to go to the Blackhawks player’s house. This information was provided by an unnamed friend of the reported victim and two unnamed law enforcement sources. On top of that, off-duty Buffalo Lieutenant Thomas English drove the three, along with an additional male individual, to Kane’s home the night of the alleged sexual assault.

Also since the allegation has come out, EA Sports has dropped Kane as a spokesman for its NHL 16 video game, and he was removed from the game’s cover. Kane’s scheduled time with the Stanley Cup, which occurred the weekend after the allegation, went on as planned but took on a more somber tone, according to those in attendance.

This update on the investigation doesn’t provide any new facts, so it’d still be entirely unfair to speculate on the matter. As we get closer and closer to Opening Night for the Blackhawks on Oct. 7, it isn’t becoming any more clear whether or not we’ll see Kane on the ice or how this situation might play out.

Stick with Blackhawk Up while the investigation is ongoing for further updates as we see them.

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