Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links-Forecast Calls For September

By Keith Schultz

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans. The last few mornings have been a little cooler than most of the summer which reminded me that we are less than a week from September and the ending of the worst month on the hockey calendar in August.

For Chicago Blackhawks fans this month has been full of a lot of bad news surrounding Patrick Kane and it as the case continues it seems like the franchise is in a total holding pattern until it figures out what is going to happen in the Kane case and how long it will drag into the hockey season.

The rest of the month was what has become the traditional watching the Stanley Cup visit the hometown of our favorite players, but like a broken record none of this is really matters with the black cloud cast by the Patrick Kane investigation in Hamburg New York.

It will be nice to have training camp starting in September so we have hockey to talk about, so while we look forward to September here are some morning links to kick off your Hump Day.

On a sober note, the Chicago Blackhawks mourn the passing of former star Chico Maki (Committed Indians)

Watch what Chicago Blackhawks prospect Graham Knott had to say after his first prospect camp with the franchise (Blackhawks)

A discussion that is made, Should Patrick Kane be attending Chicago Blackhawks training camp if there is no resolution in his case in Hamburg New York (CSN)

Everyone knows our thought on the subject, Is Steve Larmer Hall of Fame worthy? (ESPN Chicago)

The OHL will no longer have a training camp team named after Patrick Kane after the allegations (London Free Press)

Aretmi Panarin is already in Chicago and looking to become one of Chicago Favorite tourists (Second City)

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