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NHL Rankings: Central Division’s 5 Most Hated Players

By Skylar Peters
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Everyone knows them.

If they’re on your team, you adore them. If they’re on any other team, they’re the player you love to hate. Even in an era in which the game of hockey is focused on speed and skill, every team still has one or two of the players whom they keep around, for their size or their ability to agitate the opposition.

They’re the hired muscle of the NHL, and there’s no escaping them. Today, we count down the top five most hated players in the NHL’s Central Division.

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No. 5: David Backes

David Backes is one of the St. Louis Blues’ biggest pieces, and he is the team’s captain. Unlike many of his peers that wear the “C,” however, Backes isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and play a rough game, instead of leaving it to a bottom-six forward. In fact, it’s a major part of his game. While it has proven successful for Backes in his near-decade in the NHL, it has garnered him a lot of attention, most of which is negative.

There’s no denying Backes’ place in the game. However, with T.J. Oshie on his way out of the Central Division, Backes will be come the favorite target for heckling and jeering, courtesy of opposing fanbases. With a new season around the corner, and the Blues looking to add postseason success to their impressive regular-season track record, Backes won’t be making any more friends within the Central Division any time soon.

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