Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- August’s Last Stand

By Keith Schultz

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! Finally, today is the last day of August and we can finally say farewell to the worst month on the calendar for hockey news, and for Blackhawks fans a terrible month of news will soon be gone.

The month of August brought us the worst story possible in a summer of what should have been a summer of celebration.  The Patrick Kane story broke on August 6th and to be quite honest nobody knows what is happening other than an investigation continues in Hamburg New York.

The story really brought down me as a fan which I’m sure you have picked up from my writing since the beginning of the month.  The story seems to have put a total stoppage in the Chicago Blackhawks organizations, but we have one day left before the calendar turns. The question is how long will the cloud cover the organization, and how soon until we find something out from upstate New York or from the Chicago Blackhawks organization about Patrick Kane.

The month of August is thankfully almost over, so here are some morning links to kick off the last day of August and your work week.

Chicago Blackhawks CEO John McDonough brought the Stanley Cup to his old neighborhood on Saturday (Blackhawks)
Patrick Kane has painted the Chicago Blackhawks organization into a corner (Daily Herald)

Here and elsewhere criminal allegations end in civil settlements rather than trials (Buffalo News)

Daniel Carcillo is preparing himself and others for life after hockey (Chicago Tribune)

Carillo’s baby is the final baby to sit in the Stanley Cup this summer (Second City)

Tickets for the Chicago Blackhawks home opener and Stanley Cup banner raising ceremony are going to be the highest priced tickets in the NHL for 2015-2016. (Forbes)

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