Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links: Patrick Kane Speculation

By Keith Schultz

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! The month of September began with a whole bunch of Patrick Kane speculation.  The first day of the month seemed to group all Chicago Blackhawks fans into 2 distinct different groups.

There is one group that says this was Patrick Kane’s last straw, and Stan Bowman needs to trade #88 for the best offer he can get right now.  This group believes that Kane is an embarrassment to the organization, and it’s time for his antics whether he’s ever charged or not to leave the Chicago Blackhawks family.

The other group believes that you are totally out of your mind if you even think of trading Patrick Kane at the age of 26 and really at the beginning of his prime.  This group may get moved a little to the other group if a charge is handed out to #88, but for the most part they issue the statement innocent before proven guilty.

The thing is this is probably just the tip of the iceberg as the Patrick Kane Black cloud will more than likely hover over the team when training camp opens in just over two weeks from today and really never go away.  So no matter which camp you are in, here are some morning links to kick off you Wednesday morning.

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Everyone in the Central Division is chasing the Chicago Blackhawks, Here’s grading those teams in 5 separate categories (ESPN Chicago)

What a huge mess for the Chicago Blackhawks on the ladder to success (The Committed Indian)

Here’s a one on one with a prospect I really like.. John Hayden (Blackhawks)

How can we still be proud to be a Chicago Blackhawks fan (Second City)

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