Chicago Blackhawks News: Toews Comments On Kane Situation

By Matt Barbato

We’re far from a resolution to the Patrick Kane saga, but that didn’t stop Jonathan Toews from speaking on the matter. The Chicago Blackhawks captain was asked about the rape investigation involving Kane during an interview with TSN-1290 radio. Below is a full transcript of what Toews said about dealing with offseason incidents involving teammates as the captain of the Blackhawks. You can also hear the entire interview on SoundCloud.

“I think you’ve just got to have confidence that things like that will resolve themselves over time,” Toews told the Hustler and Lawless show. “And for the time being, you stay together as a team, you support your teammate [or] teammates that are maybe going through a rough patch. We saw it last year with some rumors that spread around social media about several guys in our locker room. It’s not the first time we’ve seen situations like that.”

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It’s important to understand the context of the question. The host did not ask Toews what he thought about the Kane situation directly, but merely danced around the main issue by asking Toews how he deals with teammates after such incidents occur as the captain. The host doesn’t even mention Kane’s name, just labeling him as “one of your star teammates.”

It’s tough to blame Toews for his comments and by no means are his comments derogatory, but it was probably better for Toews to just say nothing. Given how brand-centric the Blackhawks are about their image, it’s surprising that nobody from the team had instructed Toews to say nothing involving the incident.

To some, like 670 The Score’s Julie DiCaro, Toews’ comments come with a connotation of victim blaming.

This isn’t to say that Toews’ cmments were meant to be hurtful or directed toward the woman, but it still shouldn’t have been said. No comment is a stale statement for members of the media, but it should have been the only words out of the captain’s mouth now and until this investigation concludes.

The Kane circus is sure to continue to South Bend, where the Blackhawks will begin training camp at the campus of Notre Dame Sept. 18. Whether Kane is present at camp or not, this will surely be the biggest topic for the defending champs.

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