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Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links: Back Where We Started

By Keith Schultz

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! So after a 24 hour stretch on Tuesday, I believe we are back where we started as we wake up on Wednesday.

The Patrick Kane Grand Jury was supposed to start on Tuesday, and then it was suspended with everyone believing including the Buffalo News that a settlement was being negotiated.  Then later on Tuesday night it was “leaked” by sources that neither side has started settlement negotiations and that the Grand Jury was just postponed.

So what did we learn? Absolutely nothing and we are after an afternoon on Twitter arguing and debating that the case was over, it seems like we are back where we started.

So we are one week and one day away from training camp, and after Tuesday there looks like there is no way possible we see Patrick Kane for sometime in a Chicago Blackhawks uniform if ever.   There will be more trade speculation than ever now from Chicago Blackhawks fans, media, and skeptics so the ride will be getting bumpier by the day.

One thing that isn’t bumpy is this mornings links to kick off your Wednesday morning.

There is much unknown after Tuesday with the grand jury postponement and delay in the investigation (CSN)

Patrick Kane‘s agent I totally believe Patrick Kane is completely innocent which is what agents are supposed to say (ESPN Chicago)

So is that the End Game in the Patrick Kane case. Maybe? (The Committed Indian)

A settlement in the Patrick Kane case would leave too many unanswered questions (Sun-Times)

Daniel Carcillo had his day with the Stanley Cup last week and he raised money for a great charity (NHL)

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