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Chicago Blackhawks News: Reports Conflict over Resumption of Kane Trial

By Matt Barbato

Patrick Kane’s grand jury hearing for his rape investigation stemming from an incident at his Hamburg, N.Y. home Aug. 2 was supposed to take place Sept. 8, but was delayed by the prosecution. Now, there are conflicting reports as to when the hearing will actually take place.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Kane’s attorney, Paul Cambria, said the proceedings were expected to continue soon. Other sources told the Tribune that the hearing could resume in a couple of weeks.

Scott Levin of WGRZ in Buffalo has a different report. He said on Twitter that there is no rescheduled date for the hearing.

This is starting to become a messy game of conflicting reports. It’s tough to doubt what Kane’s attorney is saying, but the word “soon” has a variety of meanings. Soon could be two hours, soon could be two days, or soon could be two weeks. Given how long and sluggish most court proceedings are, the timetable for rescheduling sounds more like weeks away than days.

The reason for the postponement is also unknown. The Buffalo News reported earlier this week that the reason for delay was settlement talks between Kane’s and the accuser’s attorneys. That was quickly refuted by Levin.

It’s an interesting quandary of whose sources are more reliable.

With training camp a week away, it’s becoming more doubtful that Kane will be at Blackhawks camp, which gets underway Sept. 18 at Notre Dame’s Compton Family Ice Arena. With Kane’s grand jury hearing and potential trial likely bleeding into at least the preseason, the Hawks could put Kane on a leave of absence.

The organization has been radio silent on the matter. Kane has yet to be charged with any crime, but there has been speculation that members of the Hawks’ brass are sick of Kane’s off-ice transgressions. Earlier in the month, Mark Lazerus of the Chicago Sun-Times reported there was interest from opposing teams in acquiring Kane in a trade.

The speculation continues to swirl, but there is a long way to go before there are any answers to this case or even a clue as to when the case could corentinue. The Chicago Blackhawks are about to begin their third Stanley Cup defense and could be without their biggest star for the foreseeable future.

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