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Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Patrick Kane Presser Day

By Keith Schultz

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! Well, the day we all have been kind of waiting for since the news broke in Hamburg New York in early August is upon us with a press conference conducted by the Chicago Blackhawks concerning Patrick Kane.

The entire month or so of news has made everyone dazed and confused.  Everything has been according to sources and those sources have been giving conflicting reports, and then one day the grand jury is being postponed for a settlement, then it isn’t, and according to sources a settlement is back in place again.  Nobody really knows what is going on, and after the press conference today we will probably be more confused than have questions answered.

That being said there will be a news conference at 2pm today, and if you don’t think it’s a big deal you are crazy.  CSN will be televising the news conference live which really doesn’t happen ever this early before training camp kicks off.  Not only will it be covered live, the campus of Notre Dame may want to move the press conference out to the football field for all the national coverage that will be converging on South Bend.

Will questions be answered today?  I doubt it, but in the meantime here are some morning links to kick off your Thursday morning.

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