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Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Patrick Kane DNA

By Keith Schultz

Good Morning Chicago Blackhawks fans!  Of course they have two days completed at Chicago Blackhawks training camp, and I really want to talk about how Artem Pananrin and Marko Dano have looked in those first two days.  But it’s the waning days of the summer of 2015 which means there is only one real story about the Chicago Blackhawks that anyone really cares about with our favorite franchise.

Last night, the Buffalo News reported that there is a not a lack, but absolutely no Patrick Kane DNA in the rape kit that was taken from the accuser in the case.  There still is DNA under her fingernails that does belong to Patrick Kane.  This evidence has to be the #1 reason there hasn’t been a charge in the case, and the reason that the Grand Jury has been postponed (and restarted with reports of settlement talks) with Kane stating when everything is finished he would be absolved.

For Kane though there still is the DNA under the fingernails which could be picked up from a casual touch, or it could also mean that some other type of sexial misconduct took place on that fateful night in Hamburg, New York, but it seems like the evidence that has been provided by the Buffalo News on Saturday is the type of news that sheds some light to why the Hamburg investigation has not provided an arrest to this point of Patrick Kane.

This of course doesn’t mean Kane is totally in the clear or couldn’t be charged with a lesser crime, but it seems like the charge of rape will be off the table for now with the Grand Jury or if a settlement is soon to come between the two sides.

Here is the Buffalo News link to the story which will kick off our morning links part of the program today. (Buffalo News)

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