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Lawyer of Patrick Kane’s Accuser Will No Longer Represent Client

By Matt Barbato

Another shocking turn in the Patrick Kane sexual assault investigation occurred Thursday evening, when Thomas J. Eoannou, the attorney representing Kane’s accuser, announced he will no longer represent his client. Eoannou cited a “misrepresentation” in the circumstances of how the evidence bag appeared at the accuser’s mother’s home.

Eoannou announced on Wednesday during a press conference that the accuser’s mother discovered a bag containing part of the evidence in the rape kit administered on the accuser was found at the doorstep of the mother’s home. Eoannou is stepping away from the case because he has doubts about how the evidence was actually obtained.

Eoannou said he that this revelation doesn’t change his opinion of what happened the night of Aug. 1 in Kane’s Hamburg, N.Y. home.

Something isn’t adding up within this case, so much so that it caused a well-known attorney to step away from a high profile case. This case now contains tampered evidence and a lawyer who doesn’t want to be a part of what happens next.  Kane’s lawyer, Paul Cambria, stated this revelation completely nullifies the accusation.

Nobody knows where this case is going and it has become even more muddled over the past couple of days. Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita is expected to have a press conference at 10 a.m. Friday to discuss the case. He will certainly have plenty to talk about after the news from these past two days.

Kane said in his press conference last Friday that he was confident he would be absolved in the case. He participated in training camp at the campus of Notre Dame and played in Chicago’s preseason opener at the United Center. The Blackhawks are treating things like business as usual and seem to be standing by their franchise player.

Just when it seems like this case could get any more confusing it takes a turn that you can only imagine happening in a television show.

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