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NHL Power Rankings- Week #1

By Keith Schultz
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We have finished off the NHL preseason so here is our first NHL Power Rankings of the season. It will be fun to look back in April to see how right and how horribly wrong we were at the beginning of the season with this power ranking!  So here we go.

121. In 6 preseason games, the Coyotes only scored 4 goals, this could be a very long season for <strong><a href=. . Previous: 30th. Arizona Coyotes. 30. team

team. 109. This could be more of a Tropical Depression season than a Hurricane. They should be near the bottom of the Eastern Conference all season long.. . Previous: 29th. Carolina Hurricanes. 29

The only thing the Devils have is Corey Schneider, a rebuilding season for sure.. . Previous: 27th. New Jersey Devils. 28. team. 85

. Previous: 24th. Edmonton Oilers. 27. team. 148. Just adding Conner McDavid doesn’t guarantee wins….right?

team. 68. The Flyers will score a lot of goals with <strong><a href=. . Previous: 26th. Philadelphia Flyers. 26

There is a lot of excitement in Buffalo for this season and the arrival of Jack Eichel, but they still have a lot of growing to do . . Previous: 25th. Buffalo Sabres. 25. team. 12

72. The Red Wings are already banged up, and they lost all world coach Mike Babcock. This is the year they miss the playoffs.. . Previous: 15th. Detroit Red Wings. 24. team

23. team. 116. The Maple Leafs do have Mike Babcock so look for some improvement but not a whole lot just yet.. . Previous: 28th. Toronto Maple Leafs

. Previous: 23rd. Vancouver Canucks. 22. team. 104. The Canucks will be one of last years playoff teams that miss the playoffs, it’s hard to believe that the Sedin’s are 35 and starting the downward slide. 

Previous: 10th. Calgary Flames. 21. team. 112. They out grinded everyone last year and won with grit.. This will catch up with them this year as they miss out on the playoffs.

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