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5 Chicago Blackhawks-New York Rangers Thoughts

By Brian Kinkade
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Sep 22, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Trevor Daley (left) celebrates scoring the winning goal with right wing Patrick Kane (center) and center Artem Anisimov (right) during the overtime period at the United Center. Chicago won 5-4 in OT. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

4. New faces, not as much chemistry

Don’t get me wrong, the ’Hawks offseason acquisitions were very good. They are great when considering the necessity of the moves and their lack of leverage in negotiating these moves. However, it will take time for these new faces to assimilate to the well-established, tight-knit ’Hawks roster.

Mark my words: Barring any unforeseen issues, if all goes the way that it should, Artem Anisimov will eventually make you forget that you were ever upset about the Brandon Saad trade. All due respect to Saad, but Anisimov is a true, two-way, second-line center who will greatly help the ’Hawks. It might take some growing pains, though.

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Trevor Daley is a defensive liability as a defenseman. However, he excels at puck-moving and quarterbacking powerplays. The latter is something the ’Hawks have sorely needed for some time now. He will likely frustrate the ’Hawks faithful, but he will make up for it over time.

Daley might take even more time to adjust to his role with the ’Hawks, but he will eventually. Just be prepared for some initial hiccups.

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