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4 Chicago Blackhawks-New York Islanders Thoughts

By Brian Kinkade
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Okay, we are off and running. Honestly, it’s best for the Chicago Blackhawks that the banner ceremony stuff is over and that they’re on to “regular” regular-season hockey. Well, almost “regular.” The ’Hawks will be the first opponent of the New York Islanders in their new home at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. So, I’m sure there will be some pre-game thing. Oh well.

Let’s get to it.

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4. No points ’til Brooklyn

After being defeated in their rah-rah banner-raising celebration/home opener by the New York Rangers, the ’Hawks will be looking for their first win, or at least their first point, tonight in Brooklyn. The ’Hawks didn’t play a bad game Wednesday night considering they owned nearly 54 percent of the shot attempts in the game. So, there’s something to build on.

One New York team comes to Chicago and spoils their big emotional night, so the Chicago team goes to New York to spoil the another team in the Big Apple’s big emotional night. Eh? Despite how lame that sounds, we all hope it comes to fruition.

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