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5 Chicago Blackhawks-Philadelphia Flyers Thoughts

By Brian Kinkade
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And we’re back! The Chicago Blackhawks are back in action tonight, and they take on the Philadelphia Flyers in the city of brotherly love after having no game action since Saturday.

Let’s get to it.

5. The little break. Does it help?

Maybe. Considering how much hockey the ’Hawks’ core has played in the past three years and how little time they have spent away from skating, there has to be some sort of benefit of the three-day layoff.

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Probably not much, though.

It is nice that they played a great game in Saturday night’s 4-1 bludgeoning of the New York Islanders. Going into a mini-break, no matter how early in the season it may be, coming off a win or multiple wins is always a good thing. It keeps the positive vibe and just overall good feeling about the on-ice performance lingering.

Had they lost on Saturday, the focus on the ’Hawks would have been all about how and where they went wrong and how they need to fix their performance.

Instead, we got pictures of Atremi Panarin standing outside of a Panera Bread.

Life is good.

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