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Chicago Blackhawks: 5 Reason They Don’t Need a Duncan Keith Replacement Trade

By Tim Lively
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Oct 15, 2015; Washington, DC, USA; Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Viktor Svedberg (43) celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal against the Washington Capitals in the third period at Verizon Center. The Capitals won 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

#1 – The Season is Young!

It never hurts to put things in perspective. The worst case scenario still has Duncan Keith returning to the line-up with a little over half the regular season left to play. Yes the ‘Hawks are in one of the toughest Divisions in the tougher of two Conferences in the NHL, but let’s not forget that while the defense may be out of sorts from Duncs’ injury, the offensive and goaltending casts are largely intact and have thus far been humming along just fine. I’d be very surprised if the ‘Hawks freefall to a point of no return in the standings over the next few months; they are simply too disciplined and too talented a team.

So as the saying goes, you don’t need to sell the farm when one cow gives sour milk. I think the ‘Hawks may be jumping the gun by making a trade to compensate for Keith’s absence for all the aforementioned reasons. Here’s hoping the Blackhawks’ brass have the same thinking.


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