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Chicago Blackhawks’ Good, Bad And Ugly Of First 3 Weeks

By Keith Schultz
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The Chicago Blackhawks have been playing regular-season games for three weeks now, and there have been some good, bad and ugly from those first nine games. Here’s a quick look at how we see it after a 6-3-0 start to the season by the ’Hawks.

The Good

Corey Crawford has been the star goalie the Chicago Blackhawks needed him to be and what he’s paid to do. He was off to a similar start last season before his most unfortunate misstep at a concert. Now with the Blackhawks needing Crawford to do more than just stop everything he’s supposed to stop, he’s doing that and more with back-to-back overtime shutouts.  Crawford’s record is now 5-2-0 with a 1.57 goals-against average and .943 save percentage.

Artem Anisimov has been the second-line center that Stan Bowman had envisioned when he decided to pull the trigger on the Brandon Saad trade. The offense for the entire team has been lacking the past couple of games, but Anisimov has played very solid 200-foot hockey, which is just what the doctor has ordered for half a decade from a second-line center in Chicago.

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Artemi Panarin is the second leading scorer for the Chicago Blackhawks and pretty exciting to watch. This Chicago Blackhawks era was built on youth and excitement, and Panarin fits that description perfectly. He should have had a goal last night if Anaheim’s Frederik Andersen hadn’t kicked the goal off its moorings, so even though he’s been off the scoresheet the last couple of games, he’s still effective and exciting to watch nightly.

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