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Patrick Kane Will Not Face Criminal Charges

By Keith Schultz

Patrick Kane will not be charged nor will his case be taken to the grand jury in Erie County New York. Here is the complete news statement from the D.A.’s office that was released to the public this morning.

This result was pretty much expected from the minute that the Mother of the accuser brought the hoax bag of evidence in and their attorney made it public.

The Erie D.A. who soon will be a judge had to call a press conference to stop all the crazy shenanigans, and the second that the press conference ended we didn’t hear anything about the case until this past week when the rumor mill started floating the idea that the accuser had decided they wouldn’t be testifying in the case.

The main reason there is no case against Kane is that the case is chalk full of reasonable doubt including to DNA evidence against the Chicago Blackhawks star.  I don’t know this for certain but I have to believe that the Chicago Blackhawks have their own investigators and knew about all of the inconsistencies which is why the franchise never made Kane an outcast and never forced him to miss anytime including training camp which is where he held his famous news conference which his answer to every question was basically no comment.

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A lot of things in the past few months should have gone differently from the organization since the news broke in early August about the case, but in the end it looks like the front office is all probably celebrating for holding fast on their stance that Patrick Kane was one of their own and welcome to stay and play while the investigation moved forward.

The next thing moving forward is how will this case that never became a charge or arrest affect Patrick Kane.  Will the NHL or Chicago Blackhawks organization do anything to Kane? I hardly doubt that since it was only ever an accusation.  Will companies ever go back to Patrick Kane as one their spokesman, since he basically was the face of USA hockey? Probably not, maybe one day but not anytime soon.   Will there be a segment of the fan base that will always lump him in with Bobby Hull as players that got away with something and never should be praised? Absolutely!

Either way the case is over and we now can all stop following any and all news outlets in Buffalo!

What is your view of the Kane case?