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Chicago Blackhawks: Ranking All The Captains In Franchise History

By Colin Likas
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No. 23: D Marvin “Cyclone” Wentworth

Seasons captain: 1931-32

Win percentage: .509 (23-22-12)

Playoff appearances: 1

Longest playoff run: Quarterfinal loss

Regular-season statistics as captain: 48 games, 3 goals, 10 assists

Playoff statistics as captain: 2 games

I can’t find any explanation for why this man’s nickname is “Cyclone,” but he was called it enough to go by “Cy” through multiple outlets. He broke into the NHL with the Blackhawks at age 27 in the 1927-28 season and climbed the ranks to captaincy. A quick playoff exit saw the last of his games in the Indian Head, as he was traded to the Montreal Maroons in 1932 for $10,000. Three seasons later, Wentworth had earned his only Stanley Cup. Nothing bad or great about Wentworth’s one season as Blackhawks captain, though.