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Chicago Blackhawks: Ranking All The Captains In Franchise History

By Colin Likas
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Pat Stapleton #12 Defenseman Chicago Black Hawks. (Photo courtesy of

No. 20: D Pat Stapleton

Seasons captain: 1969-70

Win percentage: .637 (49-26-9)

Playoff appearances: 1

Longest playoff run: Semifinal loss

Regular-season statistics as captain: 49 games, 4 goals, 38 assists

Playoff statistics as captain: Did not play

Stapleton is an odd case. He far and away has the best win percentage of all Blackhawks captains, but it was over just a single season. And he was averaging close to a point per game from the blue line for a playoff-bound team, but he didn’t play in the postseason for reasons I was unable to uncover. (He played recently enough that perhaps some of our readers could offer an explanation in the comments.) So I couldn’t push Stapleton much higher than this, as players nowadays play in postseason games with internal organ damage and muscles torn to shreds. Back in the days of no helmets, whatever was ailing Stapleton must’ve been serious. Though it wasn’t career-ending, as he went on to eight more seasons between the NHL and World Hockey Association. Solid regular-season stats and pushing his team to the playoffs counts for something, though.

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