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Chicago Blackhawks: Ranking All The Captains In Franchise History

By Colin Likas
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Denis Savard #18 Chicago Blackhawks (picture courtesy of

No. 12: C Denis Savard

Seasons captain: 1988-89

Win percentage: .438 (36-48-12)

Playoff appearances: 1

Longest playoff run: Conference final loss

Regular-season statistics as captain: 58 games, 23 goals, 59 assists

Playoff statistics as captain: 16 games, 8 goals, 11 assists

It’s all in the stats here. I mean, if those numbers don’t show a guy who wanted a Stanley Cup for himself and his team, I don’t know which numbers do. Despite playing in his fewest regular-season games in his initial 10-season run with the Blackhawks, a 27-year-old Savard managed well over a point per game in the regular season while captain, then did the same thing in the postseason. This was a 27-41-12 team in the regular season, and it nearly made it to the Stanley Cup Final in large part because of Savard’s contributions. That’s quite the captain there. Though he didn’t get the Cup in Chicago, he eventually landed in the Hall of Fame.