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Chicago Blackhawks: Ranking All The Captains In Franchise History

By Colin Likas
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No. 10: C Terry Ruskowski

Seasons captain: 1979-80 through 1981-82

Win percentage: .487 (106-113-47)

Playoff appearances: 3

Longest playoff run: Conference final loss

Regular-season statistics as captain: 206 games, 30 goals, 136 assists

Playoff statistics as captain: 18 games, 1 goal, 4 assists

Hooray, a guy who was captain for more than a cup of coffee! Not to again try to make an unfair comparison, but Ruskowski’s stats level him with a Joe Thornton type, who prefers helping more than scoring. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with being that way as a team captain. Ruskowski helped his team quite a bit in his captaincy, as the Blackhawks qualified for the playoffs in all three of his seasons as team leader. Unfortunately, Ruskowski couldn’t get a whole lot going offensively in those three runs, but there is certainly a level of success here than pushes Ruskowski above some of our previous entries.