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Chicago Blackhawks: Ranking All The Captains In Franchise History

By Colin Likas
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No. 4: G Charlie Gardiner

Seasons captain: 1933-34

Win percentage: .554 (25-19-12)

Playoff appearances: 1

Longest playoff run: Stanley Cup win

Regular-season statistics as captain: 48 games, 20 wins, 17 losses, 11 ties, 10 shutouts

Playoff statistics as captain: 8 games, 6 wins, 1 loss, 2 shutouts

Gardiner is (and will remain, due to a rule established in the 1948-49 season) the only Blackhawks captain to play goaltender, and one of only six goaltender captains in league history. When you have the same number of playoff appearances as Cup wins while captain, and those numbers are above zero, that’s pretty impressive. But when you look at Gardiner’s stats in 1933-34, as well as what “protection” goaltenders had at the time, his captaincy is among the best in team history. How many guys can get through the playoffs — no matter how long they last — with more shutouts than losses? Gardiner was a huge reason for the first Cup in Blackhawks history, and it certainly explained why he was named captain before the season. Unfortunately, Gardiner’s captaincy ended with his unexpected death in the 1934 offseason, but the Future Hall of Famer certainly left a legacy in Chicago.