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Chicago Blackhawks: 25 Moments To Be Thankful For

By Keith Schultz
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Jan 24, 2015; Columbus, OH, USA; Team Toews center Jonathan Toews (19) of the Chicago Blackhawks and defenseman

Brent Seabrook

(7) of the Chicago Blackhawks arrive on the red carpet before the 2015 NHL All Star Game skills competition at Nationwide Arena. Mandatory Credit: Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Brent Seabrook Talks To Jonathan Toews in Penalty Box

The Chicago Blackhawks had a ton of trouble ousting the Detroit Red Wings in the 2013 Western Conference semifinals, at one point going down three games to one. But during the third consecutive Blackhawks’ loss to the Wings, Seabrook turned the tide simply by talking to his captain.

Toews had taken three minor penalties in about five and a half minutes in the second period of Game 4, and he was visibly frustrated in the penalty box. So Seabrook skated into the box, said some words of encouragement to Toews, patted him on the head and skated off. While the Blackhawks lost that game, they would come back from the 3-1 deficit to take the series, and they went on to win the Cup.

Seabrook pulled a similar tactic during the Cup Final against Boston, when Toews was squeezing the stick too hard while struggling to produce offensively. In Game 4 of that series, Seabrook got in Toews’ ear again, and the captain responded with a goal and three assists over the last two Cup Final games.

Seabrook is viewed in the locker room as that additional leader to Toews, the one who speaks up when even the captain is at a loss. Seabrook’s value was on full display in the 2013 playoffs, and for that we should be thankful.

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