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Chicago Blackhawks: 25 Moments To Be Thankful For

By Keith Schultz
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The Points Streak To Start 2013

A previous entry on this slideshow regarding Ray Emery‘s ridiculous game against Calgary in 2013 recognized one of many key performances that made this entry possible. The Blackhawks started the lockout-shortened 2013 season with at least one point in 24 consecutive games, the third-longest run in league history. The team went 21-0-3 and suffered its first no-point loss against Colorado on March 8 — nearly two months after the regular season had started (January 19).

This streak came right after a long stretch without hockey, after which some diehard fans were very upset with the league and many casual fans had hockey out of mind in favor of others sports. The Blackhawks’ streak certainly gave diehard and casual fans something to talk about (and cheer about, depending on the person). But it was most-enjoyed by Blackhawks fans as one of the best on-ice runs in team history. It’s certainly a streak to be thankful for, especially if you’re a Blackhawks fan or someone who worked for Sports Illustrated during the streak. (The Blackhawks still didn’t save hockey.)

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