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Chicago Blackhawks: 25 Moments To Be Thankful For

By Keith Schultz
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Ray Emery‘s Big Night

The Chicago Blackhawks have never really played great hockey in Calgary. Just look at what they did the other night against the Flames losing in overtime. In 2013, the Blackhawks went to Alberta to face the Flames, and the biggest star of the night was backup goaltender Ray Emery. He stopped everything that night — well, not everything, with two shots getting by him, but he did stop a career-high 45 shots on the night.

This is another game, when you look back at the fact that they ended up winning the Stanley Cup that season, that served as a building block for a never-say-die attitude. This also was a game that really springboarded Emery into a sensational 2013 season where his stats were better than those of Corey Crawford, and many were questioning if Crawford would be the goalie come playoff time, but a late-season injury to Emery took all doubt out of Quenneville’s thinking.

Marian Hossa would score with only seconds left on the clock in regulation, and in the end the Chicago Blackhawks would win the game in a shootout, but none of it would have happened without Emery’s big night in between the pipes for the Chicago Blackhawks.

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