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Chicago Blackhawks Continue To Break Decades Old Records

By Keith Schultz
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The Chicago Blackhawks current core has been able to break records and droughts that haven’t lasted a few years, but this group has been about to break down droughts that have last 40,50, 70 years.  That continued last night when Patrick Kane broke  a 44 year old record that was held by legendary Chicago Blackhawks Bobby Hull.

Kane’s streak of points hit 22 which is a mark that  Hull had reached in the early 70’s.  Kane broke the record ironically against the team Hull left for in the  Winnipeg Jets.  This of course isn’t the first old record to be broken so let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and look ahead to what could be the next record to be broken.

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The Chicago Blackhawks biggest drought breaker of course was broken by none other than Patrick Kane back in 2010.  The Chicago Blackhawks had some very good teams in the 70’s and 80’s but they could never break through against the dynasty teams of the Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers.  After an extended dark ages period, the Chicago Blackhawks brought in a new core of young stars led by

Jonathan Toews

and Kane and after growing pains in the 2009 playoffs were able to finish off the task and end the drought after 49 years.  Of course a goal that nobody saw was the final tally but we will never forget where we were when that puck lodged in the netting in Philly!

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