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Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Daley Double

By Keith Schultz

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! Anytime I hear someone say Daley Double I always flashback to the early 80’s and the Chicago Cubs when Bob Denier and Ryne Sandberg where at the top of the order and Harry Caray loved to say it was the Cubs Daily Double.  Of course the Cubs were up 2-0 in the NLCS but they couldn’t win a game in San Diego and failed to make it to the 1984 World Series.

As we move on to present day, last night the Chicago Blackhawks traded away a piece that never seemed to fit from day #1.  It was obvious that the Blackhawks coaching staff never endeared itself to Trevor Daley, and in the end he’s gone before Christmas Day.  The trade makes the fleecing by the Dallas Stars of the Chicago Blackhawks in the Patrick Sharp trade look even worse.  Now all the Chicago Blackhawk have to show for Sharp and Stephen Johns is Ryan Garbutt and Rob Scuderi.

It will be a wait and see to see if the Chicago Blackhawks make any more moves to bolster their defensive corps, but for now it’s unclear where they are.  Here are some morning links to kick off your Game day!

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