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Chicago Blackhawks Christmas Gifts

By Keith Schultz

Merry Christmas Chicago Blackhawks fans!

I hope your having a fun festive day with friends and family today.  We are having a very light day on our site as our staff enjoys the holiday as well.  I asked Blackhawks fans for pictures of their Chicago Blackhawks presents and they sent them, but before we take a look at some of the presents here is a quick look via Twitter of the presents I received from the fam.

I really wasn’t expecting too many Chicago Blackhawks presents this year, but I think this was the biggest bunch of presents yet starting with this.

I like Christmas a lot so I do have a nutcracker collection and this will be a huge addition.

I also got two trivia book which will be good for questions and posts on Twitter throughout the year.

My daughter throughout the playoffs asked for a Stanley Cup t-shirt, and her procrastinating parents finally came through for her.. I mean Santa did.

Ok, enough about me! Here is the pictures of gifts that our fans received on this Christmas Day!

Finally, a great story about the Rockford IceHogs and their Christmas spirit. We received this pic, but the story behind it was way better.

But if you look at the jersey here is the great story behind this for Christmas. What a great thing that the IceHogs team did!

Did you receive any Chicago Blackhawks presents?

Merry Christmas everyone!!