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Chicago Blackhawks: 2015 Biggest Moments

By Keith Schultz
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The Chicago Blackhawks had another great season in 2015.  There were a lot of great moments and some pretty sad ones so let’s take a quick look back at some of the biggest moments of 2015.

Jonathan Toews Collects 500

One of the greatest things about being a Chicago Blackhawks fan has been watching

Jonathan Toews

play game in and game out.  He’s one of the best two-way forwards in the NHL, arguably the best Captain in the NHL and he’s been able to hoist the Stanley Cup 3 times.  He’s also a very good scorer and on May 24th he was able to pick up his 500th point.

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Patrick Kane‘s Broken Clavicle

The biggest injury of the season had to be when

Patrick Kane

went crashing into the boards and shortly thereafter we found out his regular season would be over with a broken clavicle.

The downside of the injury is that Kane was on pace to lead the NHL in points, and he possibly could have won the Hart Trophy for the NHL MVP.  It was disappointing not to see him be able to remain healthy to get to the finish line.

The upside was that the Chicago Blackhawks were able to put Kane on LTIR, and with that money they were able to make a trade for Antoine Vermette. The trade paid off when Vermette caught fire at the tale end of the playoffs.

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