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Chicago Blackhawks: 2015 Biggest Moments

By Keith Schultz
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Jun 18, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks right wing Patrick Kane (88) lifts the Stanley Cup trophy during the 2015 Stanley Cup championship rally at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

2015 Stanley Cup Championship

The biggest story to me for 2015 was that the Chicago Blackhawks won the 2015 Stanley Cup! It was the third Cup in 6 seasons for the Chicago Blackhawks and they even had the commissioner of the NHL saying that the Chicago Blackhawks had a dynasty.

The trip wasn’t an easy one starting with the very first game of the playoffs when Corey Crawford gave up 3 first period goals and the legend of Lemont Native Scott Darling grew with his shutout the rest of the way and the Hawks stole Game #1 in triple overtime.

The Hawks won their first Game #7 on the road since 1965 when they marched into Anaheim and took the decisive game with a huge effort from Jonathan Toews.

Of course they were outplayed for most of the first four games of the Finals, but being Champions they were able to steal 2 games and then they dominated the final 2 games to win the Cup.

Winning the Cup on home ice was so special especailly since it was the first time since 1938 that the Chicago Blackhawks won the Cup on home ice.

What’s your favorite moments of 2015?

Here’s to a great New Year!!