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Chicago Blackhawks: Stan Bowman Moves, Year In Review

By Sean Fitzgerald
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March 2, 2015: The Chicago Blackhawks acquire Andrew Desjardins, left wing, for Ben Smith, center, and 2017 seventh-round pick.

Initial Reaction: The Blackhawks traded Ben Smith? Who the (blank) is Andrew Desjardins? I loved Smith! That was everyone’s reaction; Ben Smith was a try-hard guy who everyone loved. Smith was a Blackhawks playoff hero! Remember the goals against Roberto Luongo in 2011?

Current Assessment: The Blackhawks made the right move trading Smith, who was not performing the way he did in 2013-14. He has 14 goals and 12 assists in 26 games that regular season. In 2014-15 with the Blackhawks, he had 5 goals and 4 assists in 61 games. He was not the same guy. With San Jose, he only recorded 2 goals and 3 assists. Smith started this season in the AHL for San Jose. Desjardins gave the Blackhawks salary cap space and a gritty fourth-line winger. The fourth line with Marcus Kruger and Andrew Shaw provided the Blackhawks with solid play in the playoffs. At points during the playoffs, the fourth-line was the Blackhawks’ most-effective line.

Grade: B+

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