NHL Trophy Power Rankings: Kane, Panarin Star

By Colin Likas
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Frank J. Selke Trophy Power Rankings

Jan 24, 2016; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews (19) looks into the crowd during a timeout in the second period at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports /

team. 105. It what has been a mostly bum season so far for Kesler and the Ducks, the forward’s defensive efforts haven’t been entirely lacking. While his 23 points are obviously problematic (he’s not the only Duck with this issue), his 57.5 percent success rate at the dot, 52.62 Corsi-for mark and 25 takeaways versus 19 giveaways boost his case.. Center. Previous: N/Ath. Ryan Kesler. 7

120. He finished 18th in 2015 voting for the Selke, and he’s made some nice strides this season is sort of taking over the Sharks. In addition to his team-best 49 points, Pavelski carries play at a 59.75 percent rate and has 27 individual takeaways this season.. Center. Previous: N/Ath. Joe Pavelski. 6. team

5. team. 152. Not much went right for the last few months ahead of the break for the Habs, but Patches is looking to follow up his sixth-place finish in last year’s Selke voting. In addition to his team-leading 19 goals and second-best 36 points, Pacioretty has 24 takeaways to 19 giveaways and has tallied a 61.14 Corsi-for mark across all situations, best among these seven individuals.. Left Wing. Previous: N/Ath. Max Pacioretty

Nicklas Backstrom. 4. team. 19. The offensive season has certainly been strong for Backstrom, leading his team with 29 assists and holding second with 45 points. But he also boasts 27 takeaways versus 17 giveaways, as well as a 56.64 Corsi-for percentage. He’s seeking to improve on an 11th-place finish in last year’s voting.. Center. Previous: N/Ath

Center. Previous: N/Ath. Anze Kopitar. 3. team. 67. Fans often wonder if “this” will be the year Kopitar finally breaks through for the Selke. It could be, but he has work to do. His 53.2 percent success rate at the dot is a solid complement to his team-leading 29 assists and 42 points, but he actually holds more giveaways than takeaways, per war-on-ice. A 56.66 Corsi-for mark is nothing to sneeze at, however.

2. team. 94. Chicago’s top line has had it’s struggles, meaning the same thing for the captain. But Toews is still third on the Blackhawks in points with 35, balanced between 19 goals and 16 helpers. His 58.2 percent faceoff success rate is almost unbeatable among regular draw artists, his 53.95 Corsi-for mark is solid and he shows a plus-22 differential in takeaways versus giveaways. Toews was a close second in the 2015 Selke voting.. Center. Previous: N/Ath. Jonathan Toews

Center. Previous: N/Ath. Patrice Bergeron. 1. team. 70. Bergeron is the gold standard for the Selke right now, and with good reason. In addition to leading Boston in points (44) while being second in both goals (19) and assists (25), Bergeron wins 56.8 percent of his draws, boasts a 56.80 Corsi-for mark and has a plus-16 takeaway/giveaway margin. He’s the Selke Trophy winner two years running, and he’s the current favorite for 2016.

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