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Chicago Blackhawks, Rockford IceHogs Trade Chances

By Colin Likas
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Lower-level prospects, draft picks and more

I’m not going to delve into the world of prospects who are currently lower than the AHL level. Sure, some of those guys could be moved, but we’ll be here all day discussing them, and I haven’t seen enough of any of them to give a fair judgment on their trade chances.

We could also talk about draft picks, but there isn’t a whole lot to say. Bowman doesn’t like to move his draft picks, but he will if he deems it necessary to the Blackhawks’ current success. For the immediate future, the Blackhawks have eight draft picks in 2016 (one first-round, one third-round, two fourth-round, two fifth-round, one sixth-round and one seventh-round) and six more in 2017 (one first, one second, one fourth, two fifth and one sixth).

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The last thing I want to address is my percentage system. You may have noticed I don’t have anyone higher than a 75 percent chance of being traded. The thing is, the Blackhawks haven’t openly come out and said they’re looking to trade someone (minus Bickell), so I can’t be totally sure who they might or might not move. The higher-percentage guys are the ones I’m more confident will be part of a deadline deal, but certainly nothing is set in stone. I took my best shot at trying to decipher who Bowman might move at the deadline, and you should offers yours in the comments section.