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Chicago Blackhawks Vs St. Louis Blues Playoff History

By Keith Schultz
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2014 Western Conference Semi-Finals (Blackhawks Win 4-2)

This was really a fantastic series for an opening act of the Stanley Cup playoffs. This series had 4 overtime games including a triple overtime game to kick off the series. It had big hits and big goals and it all started with

Brent Seabrook


David Backes

into the boards.

We got the Wakey Wakey from Duncan Keith, but in the end the Blues tied it up late and won the game in triple overtime so it didn’t really work out for the Hawks in the end especially after Seabrook was suspended for the hit.

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The Chicago Blackhawks won Game #3 and then Game #4 went into overtime, and when the puck found the stick of

Patrick Kane

some magic happened at the United Center.

The Chicago Blackhawks went into St. Louis and Jonathan Toews scored one of those goals that you always remember watching to win Game #6 in overtime.  Here is one of Pat Foley’s best calls.

The Hawks would blow out the Blues in Game #6 to win the series.

There you have it, the playoff history of the Blackhawks and Blues! What will we add to this in a week or two?