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Chicago Blackhawks Trivia Tuesday

By Keith Schultz
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Chicago Blackhawks Trivia Tuesday Tests Your Knowledge of Chicago Blackhawks history and the players that have made the franchise what it is today

For the past couple of years, we have tried to test your knowledge of Chicago Blackhawks trivia during the offseason to past the time until the Chicago Blackhawks are back on the ice playing meaningful hockey.

One thing that will be different is that we used to ask questions by using a poll function which unfortunately for me has been taken away, so we will try to ask a few questions in a different format and see how everyone does with the Chicago Blackhawks trivia.

One thing that we will try to do with the trivia is ask some easy one questions and ask a couple tough questions so that it’s a fun test for everyone involved.

Question #1

Which Chicago Blackhawks legend has scored the most powerplay goals in franchise history?

  1.  Denis Savard
  2. . Bobby Hull
  3.  Steve Larmer
  4. Jeremy Roenick

Question #2

Who designed the Original Chicago Blackhawks logo?

  1. Fredric McLauglin
  2. James Norris
  3. Arthur Wirtz
  4. Irene Castle

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Question #3

What season did the Chicago Blackhawks become the first NHL franchise to average over 20,000 fans per game?

  1. 1972
  2. 1994
  3. 2010
  4. 1992

Question #4

Which Chicago Blackhawks legend had the most career penalty minutes while wearing a Chicago Blackhawks uniform

  1. Al Secord
  2. Chris Chelios
  3. Keith Magnuson
  4. Dave Manson

Question #5

What was the Chicago Blackhawks regular season record when they won the 1938 Stanley Cup?

  1. 11-25
  2. 18-18
  3. 17-19
  4. 23-13

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