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Chicago Blackhawks Sunday Viewing- My House

By Keith Schultz

The Chicago Blackhawks Sunday Viewing looks back at the Chicago Blackhawks Highlights From The United Center

The Chicago Blackhawks have had a great history of having a real home ice advantage from it’s first permanent home until it’s current residence at the United Center.

The Chicago Blackhawks first real home was the Chicago Stadium, and it sure was a special place to watch hockey.  It was the home of the Chicago Blackhawks when I was a kid, and I still remember the first time my parents took me to a game. It was a Sunday matinee against the Boston Bruins and after listening to tons of games on the radio, I couldn’t wait to get to the Stadium.

I remember pulling up to the Stadium and thinking that we weren’t at the right place because it didn’t look like a hockey arena, but it looked like an abandoned warehouse.  Walking in the doors everything changed and it was a special place, and I couldn’t wait for the Chicago Blackhawks to score their first goal so I could hear the horn in person. Here is the video from the last national anthem at the old barn.

The Chicago Blackhawks of course moved into the United Center in 1994, and although the Hawks were a pretty good franchise at the beginning of the new stadium, it didn’t take very long for the Chicago Blackhawks to go into an extended period of losing.  From 1997-2008 the Chicago Blackhawks only made the Stanley Cup playoffs one time, and in the one year they did make it they were swept.

The Chicago Blackhawks fortunes of course as we all know changed when Rocky Wirtz took over the franchise and oh by the way the team drafted Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane in consecutive seasons.

With the team transformed, the home ice advantage returned to the new home of the Chicago Blackhawks.  Nothing may never replace the Chicago Stadium’s loudness, but the United Center can get pretty loud.  This Sunday’s viewing looks at an over 3 minute highlight package of the Chicago Blackhawks making plays at the United Center.

Of course if you have kids you are used to listening to Flo-rida and MY House, but the song sure does fit the Chicago Blackhawks franchise and their home ice advantage that they have had for 80 plus seasons.

Next: Captain Toews?

So which Stadium was your favorite to see the Chicago Blackhawks host NHL games? The Stadium or the U.C.? Either one is a great choice!