Chicago Blackhawks Trivia Tuesday- Stanley Cup Playoffs

By Keith Schultz
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Chicago Blackhawks Trivia Tuesday Tests Your Knowledge of Chicago Blackhawks history and the players that have made the franchise what it is today

The Stanley Cup Final is almost wrapped up, and with that let’s ask some questions about the Stanley Cup Playoff franchise history for the Chicago Blackhawks and see how well you know your stuff.

Question #1

Which Chicago Blackhawks Star has scored the most playoff power play goals in franchise history?

  1. Denis Savard
  2. Steve Larmer
  3. Jonathan Toews
  4. Patrick Kane

Question #2

Which Chicago Blackhawks great is the all-time playoff goal scorer with 62?

  1. Stan Mikita
  2. Patrick Kane
  3. Bobby Hull
  4. Denis Savard

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Question #3

Which Chicago Blackhawks goalie has the most playoff shut outs?

  1. Corey Crawford
  2. Tony Esposito
  3. Charlie Gardiner
  4. Murray Bannerman

Questions #4

Which Chicago Blackhawks star collected the most assists in a single playoff season?

  1. Jonathan Toews
  2. Patrick Kane
  3. Jeremy Roenick
  4. Darryl Sutter

Question #5

Which Chicago Blackhawk scored the most short handed goals in one playoff season with 3?

  1. Steve Larmer
  2. Jonathan Toews
  3. Wayne Presley
  4. Michal Handzus

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