Chicago Blackhawks Trivia Tuesday- Stanley Cup Playoffs

By Keith Schultz
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Answer To Question #1 is Denis Savard

The 1980’s were a great time to watch hockey with some of the best player to every play hockey on the ice, while the goalies weren’t 6 feet 5 inches with tons of equipment on. Goals were plentiful and it was fun to watch. One of those players that were fun to watch was Savard doing spin-0-rama’s and being a great playmaker.  During his career he scored 22 powerplay goals which is the franchise leader.

The closest active Blackhawk to Savard’s record is Jonathan Toews with 16 so it may take a few more playoff runs to get to the top of the list.

Playoff Powerplay All-time Leaders

  1. Savard-22
  2. Larmer-18
  3. Toews-16
  4. Sharp-13
  5. Roenick-11

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Bobby Hull is the Answer To Question #2

The Golden Jet could score plain and simple and in his 116 playoff games for the Chicago Blackhawks he scored 62 times.  Hull was a young player when the Hawks won the 1961 Stanley Cup Championship, but in the end it was the only championship that core would ever win which still seems unthinkable when you look at their lineup.

Blackhawks Playoff All-Time Goal Scorers

  1. Hull-62
  2. Savard-61
  3. Mikita-59
  4. Kane-49
  5. Larmer-45
  6. Sharp-42

Question #3 answer is none other than legendary Tony Esposito

When it comes to shutouts and the Chicago Blackhawks record books, the easy quick answer is usually Tony Esposito.  The only problem applauding Esposito is that he could hoist a Stanley Cup while being in net for the Hawks.

Corey Crawford is creeping up on Esposito on the All-Time list, but #50 already has two Cups to his name.

Blackhawks All-Time Playoffs Shutout List

  1. Esposito-6
  2. Crawford-5
  3. Hall-5
  4. Gardiner-5
  5. Belfour-3
  6. Karakas-3

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