Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Shock Value

By Keith Schultz

Good Morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! 

The Chicago Blackhawks have been doing a number to all of us the past few years with nothing but talent after talent after talent leaving the franchise and nothing really coming back in return.

The shock value has been there for two years now and it’s really starting to get old.  The Chicago Blackhawks were a franchise loaded with talent from top to bottom and the salary cap has crushed all of that talent with every trade Stan Bowman has made since 2011 it appears.

The NHL has known that Bowman and the Chicago Blackhawks were up against the Cap and even though for sometime we all believed it was In Stan We Trust, it’s been the Chicago Blackhawks with one bad contract like Bryan Bickell to put them behind an 8 ball that cost the Hawks talented youthful player after player.

The past two days people have blamed Joel Quenneville for the salary cap issues just as much as Bowman.  The coach doesn’t trust young players unless it’s a superstar talent like Brandon Saad. Every other young player had to earn his playing time while having to play 200 feet which of course makes sense.  The issue is when the front office and coach don’t see eye to eye.

For years Bowman pushed for players like Brandon Pirri or Jeremy Morin and yet the coach refused to play them and in the end force Quenneville’s hand instead of making the player attractive for a better trade value.

Either way it’s just another shocking week of trades that no one really expected.


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