Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Happy Father’s Day!

By Keith Schultz

Good Morning Chicago Blackhawks fans!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there that read our blog or who just happened to drop by and look what we had to say this morning. Hope you have a great day with your kids today!

When looking back at my Dad when it comes to the Chicago Blackhawks it’s always with a smile! It’s probably one of the reasons I worked at Southwest Ice Arena through high school as well and thought of it as a pretty cool place to work.

When I was a kid cable was just starting and not everyone had it including our family, also probably one of the main reasons I’m a Cubs fan and not a White Sox fan since the Sox were playing on On TV while you could watch every single Cubs game on WGN.

So, the only way to get in touch with the Blackhawks was listening to the radio every night which meant a whole lot of Pat Foley.  Once the playoffs started we were listening to every game waiting for the HE SCORES call followed by the old horn in Chicago Stadium to go off.

When we did get cable and SportsVision, we then could sit and watch all of the road games and man was it exciting that first playoff year when we had cable.  I can still remember that first overtime game sitting there watching it with my Dad and when Chris Chelios scored we let out the biggest yell that woke everyone up in the house.   Good times indeed!  Thanks for being such a great sports fan Dad!

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Here are some Chicago Blackhawks Morning links for the start of your Sunday Morning! 

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