Chicago Blackhawks’ Top 10 American-Born Players

By Colin Likas
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No. 10: Dustin Byfuglien, D/LW, 2005-10

Byfuglien was never an All-Star in Chicago, but he broke out as a key piece for the Blackhawks over his final three seasons. That eventually culminated in him playing an important role in the Blackhawks ending their Stanley Cup drought.

In the 2010 postseason, Byfuglien potted 11 goals in 22 games, adding five assists. He would stand right in front of the net and block the likes of Pekka Rinne, Roberto Luongo, Evgeni Nabokov and Michael Leighton, and he did it to perfection.

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He also got under opposing players’ skin, something that hasn’t changed since he left Chicago in the first salary cap purge. Byfuglien was often utilized more as a forward in Chicago, and that turned out to be a fantastic decision and a role Byfuglien relished.

No. 9: Roger Jenkins, D/RW, 1932-34, 1937-38

Jenkins was an NHL journeyman back in a time when players tended to stay loyal to their teams. Jenkins went from the Blackhawks to Toronto, back to Chicago, to Montreal, to Boston, back to Montreal (splitting time between the Canadiens and Maroons), to New York (with the Americans), back to Chicago and finally back to New York.

In that whirlwind run that started in 1930 and ended in 1939, Jenkins found time to help the Blackhawks to two Stanley Cups. He must’ve been their magic charm.

His offensive stats aren’t much to look at (seven goals, 28 assists), but he did contribute six assists in just 10 games when the Blackhawks won the 1938 Cup. Defense is the key to championships, and Jenkins clearly provided that for Chicago — on two occasions.

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