NHL: Top Stanley Cup Winning Goals Since 2010

By Colin Likas
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No. 7: Patrice Bergeron, 2011, Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

This one didn’t have much going for it so far as in-game situation or crowd reaction. Sure, it was a Game 7, but it was in Vancouver, and the winning goal was scored midway through the first period. Both sides probably figured there was more to come.

That didn’t wind up being the case, as Bergeron’s one-timer from right in front of the goal crease would seal the deal in a 4-0 win. Brad Marchand made the play happen by carrying the puck along the boards until he saw an open lane, tossing it to Bergeron for the quick slapper.

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It was the start of a blowout that ended an otherwise entertaining series.

No. 6: Kris Letang, 2016, Pittsburgh Penguins vs. San Jose Sharks

This goal was a result of the Sharks’ line getting stuck on the ice, and notably terrible defenseman Roman Polak getting beat multiple times in puck battles below the crease. That alone hurts this play’s ranking.

But the play itself was a pretty nice one, as Sidney Crosby picked up the puck to Martin Jones‘ right, found Letang all alone on the opposite side of the net and gave him a perfect feed. Jones almost got over to stop Letang’s quick shot, but he couldn’t get all of it.

This goal came about midway through Game 6, and the crowd reaction was relatively diluted. But Letang scoring it was a nice touch, as he’s getting closer and closer to retirement.

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