Chicago Blackhawks Sunday Viewing- Toews The Enforcer

By Keith Schultz

The Chicago Blackhawks Sunday Viewing looks back at the Chicago Blackhawks Highlights And This Week We Look Back at Jonathan Toews Few Fights. 

The Chicago Blackhawks in this golden era have been a team of high skill and puck possession which has been fun to watch and of course has been incredibly successful with the Hawks winning 3 Stanley Cups over the last 7 seasons.

The one thing that isn’t part of the Chicago Blackhawks game has been fighting and enforcing even though Stan Bowman has had some goonery on the team with John Scott, Brandon Bollig, and Daniel Carcillo all on the roster during this era.

If you have listened to Pat Foley since your childhood like I have, one thing you know is that he enjoys and really misses fighting when broadcasting Blackhawks games.  Back in the day he would love a good

Al Secord

fight as much as a

Murray Bannerman


The one thing that has been pretty funny to watch the past few years is when the Captain Jonathan Toews gets frustrated and drops the gloves.  He doesn’t do it very often but you know that he has to be totally fuming when he decide to throw fists.  So today we look back at some of Toews fights during the past few seasons.

His first fight was with Martin Hanzel and well it wasn’t much of a fight with Hanzel getting the better of it, and it was more of Toews sticking up for a hit

Patrick Kane

had took earlier in the game.

The next fight to watch is when Toews wasn’t going to take from the St. Louis Blues Captain

David Backes

.  This again is a fight that Toews didn’t win with Backes having a huge size advantage on Toews, but even when Toews could have fallen to the ice to end the fight he got up and kept on swinging until the refs stepped in.

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Jonathan Toews didn’t fight again until 2013 when he decided to take on another guy that is much bigger when he fought

Joe Thornton

.  This wasn’t much of a fight because it looked like Thornton didn’t want anything to do with Toews.  It’s still funny watching Toews get frustrated and taking it out on another player.

The last fight we look at is one this past season when he took on Adam Henrique which is the first time the Captain took on someone where he had the size advantage.  I would say Toews wins this one easily with the refs having to step in with Henrique grabbing on just to end it.

Toews isn’t a fighter, but fighting is still a part of hockey and he knows when it’s time to show leadership and step and do something that isn’t his forte.

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What do you think of Toews when he drops the gloves?