Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- TGIF

By Keith Schultz

Good Morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! 

Usually when you see TGIF on a Friday morning we all know what it means, everyone that doesn’t work in retail is excited about having two straight days off, yes i’ve worked in retail for 20 plus years so TGIF means absolutely nothing to me because the only time I get a weekend off is if I’m on vacation.

That being said today’s F doesn’t even stand for Friday, it stands for Football which if you haven’t noticed will be on the TV for every Sunday now until February.  This includes the Chicago Bears who we all hope are an improved bunch over what we have had to watch the last 3-4 seasons.

I know you’re probably saying why in the world are you talking about football when this is a hockey blog for the Chicago Blackhawks.  Well that’s because if we are talking about football returning then we are talking about the Chicago Blackhawks getting back on the ice which is what we really can’t wait for around here.

There are 68 days left until the season starts, but the good news is preseason tickets go on sale this Monday which means there is a little glimmer of light at the end of the long summer tunnel for Chicago Blackhawks hockey.

Now we can all start getting into fantasy football leagues and drafts and trying to win our leagues trophy or cash, but the entire time I’m thinking this is just a distraction until Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane lead our favorite team on to the ice to try and win another Stanley Cup during this great era of Chicago Blackhawks hockey.

The summer is dragging but at least football is here to entertain us in the meantime!

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