Chicago Blackhawks’ Best At Each Sweater, Nos. 11-20

By Colin Likas
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Our Chicago Blackhawks sweater numbers countdown continues

Late last week, we took a look at the best Chicago Blackhawks to wear the numbers one through 10 on the back of their jersey. Now it’s time to continue that countdown today with Nos. 11-20.

We don’t quite have the Hall of Fame-caliber players with this batch of numbers that we did in the previous set. That is interesting, considering all of the numbers in the 11-20 range, except 13, have been worn by 25 or more athletes in Blackhawks history.

But quantity and quality are separate items, and that’s never been more apparent than in this search for the best at each number. You’ll especially see what I mean with No. 11.

Speaking of … let’s get to it.

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